Beginning of the Trip

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 21.05.2019 / in General

I have been stuck in Burgstaaken for several days now. The hefty west wind penetrates everything, it brings Grönland cold and it renders any work on the boat impossible. Three days after putting the ship to water we could not hoist our sails yet.

Sunday, 05.05.2019

Finally, we can take to sea!

After Agnieszka came from her singing assignment in the South, we have completed the essential technical work, we cast off. The weather forecast is stable since several days: a couple of days of west wind, followed by east wind. This allow us to plan a further trip to the east: Hiddensse, maybe Rugen? We need to spend a night in Warnemünde, as we think Gedser to be uneasy with the strong west wind.

The forecast wind – 4 Bft west, later 5 – pushes us out of the Burgstaaken bay and then dies. The 5 of the forecast gets into effect as 5 kn. This allows us to do some additional work on the ship

and to make photos of our clean sweep.

We also aid ourselves with the engine to arrive somewhere still today. Later in the afternoon, a 20kn wind from west comes – the cold wind that plagued me the whole time. But now we are screened from the wind by the Warnemünde breaker. We strike the sails and we berth in the port of Hohe Düne.

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