Monday, 06.05.2019

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 21.05.2019 / in General

We cast off quite early, as there is a long way before us. According to the piloting handbook, we have 60nm to Vitte on Hiddensee, Rugen is much further of course. A strong west wind pushes us quickly in the correct direction. Temporarily, we travel over 8kn. We do not really feel the wind strength on the broad reach. From time to time sun shines through the clouds and we begin to believe that we make a spring trip. Other sailors do not believe this and stay in their harbours – we see only cargo ships faraway in the Kadettenrinne, other than this, only waves follow us.

Suddenly we see something else between the waves. We see fins – these are dolphins! (actually, porpoises). They swim towards us in groups of three, dive synchronously, cruise around our ship. They play with us a whole hour, before they disappear in the vicinity of Darser Ort.

After passing this point, we see a conspicuous cliff on the eastern horizon. This cannot be our target, Hiddensee? I believe the discovered land to lie further in the north, moreover Hiddensee should be flat, why else “hidden”?

It is only hours later that we identify the lighthouse on the northern tip of the cliff – this is Dornbusch of the Hiddensee island. Luckily there are lighthouses and sea charts that display their shape!

Soon enough we go around Dornbusch and go into the channel towards harbours on the east side of Hiddensee. For the first time today we are on a beam reach and we get to feel the full force of the wind. Luckily, we are sheltered from the waves by Dornbusch and we can strike sails easily. The wind goes over the – indeed flat – island and it tries to drift us away from the channel. This would be dangerous due to shoals that lurk just aside. So we motor very carefully, one person at the helm and another one at the chart. It is getting dark and we hardly see the buoys – but now we see the direction light of Vitte. It leads us to the town harbour – but we intend to go to the yacht harbour to the north from the town… Thus we must turn into yet another channel with buoys without lights. We see them only because the water is so calm now. This channel is quite short and soon we arrive in the yacht harbour Langeort.

We do not want to strain our stress anymore and we pull up alongside the quay, across the boxes of the really empty marina. Even the harbour master, who is present despite the very late hour, accepts this as a temporary solution.

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