Hiddensee and the aborted return

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 30.05.2019 / in General

Tuesday, May 7th

First, we want to moor in a box correctly. I do not want to turn on the engine for this task only, so we work with the ropes, aided by the wind. Suddenly, the wind aids us too much and the boat’s stern touches one of the dolphins of the box. The flagpole breaks. The rest of the maneuver is quite successful and I have the rest of the morning for producing the flagpole replacement.

Something went wrong with these restauration projects

Thereafter, we want to carry our usual plan out of not only sailing to various places, but visiting them. We make a trip on foot to the next village on the southern part of the island, Neuendorf. This village gets praise in the trip advisor for its original architecture. We find it quite nice, but the originality gives place to the new buildings in the same way as everywhere else. However, the road between Vitte and Neuendorf is beautiful. We should have taken our bicycles for that trip.

We return in the afternoon and find a beautiful Halberg-Rassy as our neighbour. It belongs to a friendly couple Beatrice and Peter. We start talking and end up spending the evening together.

Wednesday, May 8th

Today, the weather should be calmer. I have planned to order the ropes at the mast, which I cannot do in the howling wind we usually have. However, an icy strong breeze comes from the east and brings Siberian cold with it.

Because nothing can be done around the boat right now, we make a bicycle trip with Beatrice and Peter to the other village to the north of us, Kloster, and then further to the north, to the lighthouse Dornbusch.

Thursday, May 9th

Today is the day that we need to sail towards Rostock. According to the weather forecast, we should expect a favourable easterly wind at least at the beginning of the day. Well, the wind that doesblow from the east is quite unfavourable in the harbour, when we unmoor. At least it is warmer than yesterday, but it rains instead. This holds till we pass Dornbusch and head to the west. The sun comes and brings the wind…from the west. The steady 4 Bft wind induces us to set all sails and we make 6 knots – but only 3 good, as we have to tack. But we are in high spirits; we already see Darser Ort, perhaps we meet the porpoises again?

The wind dies and we start the engine. I have a look at the stern, if the cooling water exits the exhaust – this is not the case, I see white smoke instead. Soon, the temperature alert of the engine sounds – I turn the engine out quickly. This must be a defect in the cooling system. I take a look into the sea water strainer – it is clean but quite empty. I disassemble the sea water pump – the impeller is OK, but the drive pulley turns loose on the shaft. This is something that I cannot repair by myself – I declare the state of urgency and call for help via the VHF radio.

One hour later, a SAR cruiser “Vormann Jantzen” arrives at the scene. Her friendly crew throws us a rope and pulls us towards the Barhöft where the ship is based. At least we get to know this nice, small harbour. The dinghy form the cruiser pushes us into the mooring position and we tie up longside the quay.

The harbour master relays us to an engineer Benjamin Blohm. In a phone call with him, we arrange that he picks up the sea water pump on the next day.

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