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von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 31.05.2019 / in General

Mr. Benjamin Blohm arrives early morning, takes the sea water pump as arranged. We hardly start eating our breakfast when he comes back. The pulley is welded to the shaft, this is a temporary solution that should allow us to arrive in Rostock. I fit the pump onto the engine and we sail away from Barhöft.

The weather today has little mercy – the wind comes from the west. There is little room for tacking between Darser Ort, the Windfarm, and a cable-laying ship “Topaz”. We use the engine to gain height, and we beat from time to time. This brings us quite slowly in the desired direction.

Only after we pass Darser Ort can we tack more efficiently. We do not have to be that close hauled anymore, I can let go the reefed mainsail more – the reefed genua does not stand close hauled anyway. The boat expresses her gratitude with less heel and more speed.

It is already dark when we reach the Warnow estuary. We do not want to go to our new place in the dark, as we know it will be unpleasant in a west wind. We decide to go to the Hohe Düne harbour instead. It is still very difficult to identify the breakwater lights against all other lights of the Warnemünde town. We strike the sails quite early to have some space for planing of the maneuver. The swell makes it quite difficult. Then we identify the correct lights of the pierheads and we go between them. Wrong! There are some posts in front of the pierheads still – we hardly see them in the dark. After averting this disaster we pull up in the same box we stood a couple of days ago.

On the next day, we sleep long, and then we begin the last part of this excursion – we sail up the Warnow till our new summer place at the Yacht Club Warnow. We come just in time for the afternooon griull party at the beginning of the new sailing saison.

So, how was this first sailing trip? In one word “cold”. We had to fight against waves and winds, and the weather conditions were contrary though not extreme. We also have more items on our list of technical problems than two weeks ago. But it was motivating to have visited Hiddensee this early in the year.

Agnieszka has made it to her concert in Rostock

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