May-June cruise: a difficult beginning

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 03.06.2019 / in General

It is a wonderful feeling, to be on the boat again. Two weeks of vacation – where can we sail to?

We arrive on Monday (27th of May) evening. We have only two things to setup: reduce the tension on the shrouds and to replace the seawater coolant pump. Then we can start sailing – this is the plan.

After we come we see the bilge full of water. This means two things at once:

  • there is a leakage

  • the automatic bilge pump installation does not work

Moreover, I cannot install the cooling water pump replacement, as I cannot unscrew the installation plate from the old pump: the welded pulley blocks the screws.

Good food in the club between the work

Next day, Tuesday the 28th of May, our neighbour Michael helps me find the problem with the automatic bilge installation: one of the positions of the tri-state switch does not work – the one for the floater. We switch the wiring so that the floater is enabled and thus the automation works again. We test it dumping a whole bottle of fresh water into the bilge.

The leakage is found too: the toilet bowl is empty. Good to have closed all the valves, otherwise we would have not only the bowl content but the whole river in the bilge. Anyway, I will have to replace the toilet. I have always wanted to have a manual one, this will come sooner than initially expected.

Michael hints me also so as to how to remove the mounting plate from the old pump: I just saw the screws and soon the new pump sits with the new screws on the mounting plate and then on the engine.

We are ready to go.

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