Friday 31.05

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 31.07.2019 / in General

Yesterday, we were measuring gusts up to 30kn – in the harbour! We were happy to have given up the idea of sailing that day. Today, we are happy to sail! Destination: to the north, at best where we have not yet been to. I hope for Nysted, thereafter we could explore Guldborgsund and maybe go round Lolland…?

The northwest wind does not allow us this direction. We decide to sail along the coast of Falster. First, we have to avoid the TSS Kadettenrinne – for this, we need to sail under motor. When we are done with this, the wind dies, so we go on under motor the whole day long.

Suddenly, we hear different noises behind us: porpoises! This time, only a couple give us company for a short period. A sailboat without sails is not interesting for them, apparently.

Slightly tired we come into the harbour of Hesnaes in the evening. This lone place has quite a charm for us.

In the harbour – though not at a boat – we meet a nice couple Bärbel and Dieter. They make a trip around Denmark in their camper. Theirs is the quest for freedom, much like in our sailing hobby.

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