Hesnaes – Rödvig

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 02.08.2019 / in General

Saturday, 01.06

We want to spend Saturday in this harbour and to have a look at the countryside. We take our bikes to the town Horbelev and do some shopping there. The green nature underway is overwhelming.

Back in the harbour, we spend the time with Bärbel and Dieter, in their camper first, then on our boat. This is their first time in a home on water, just like we have never been to one on wheels. Our experiences are quite similar indeed. There are a few differences though: we are so dependent on weather, while they must really watch their weight.

In the evening, a flotilla of 11 sailboats from a club comes. This fills the harbour up. The wind rises in the evening too, this makes for some adventurous docking maneuvers, but everything goes well in the end.

Then the last boat comes – it is a small Hallberg-Rassy 29 and it comes in gale-force gusts. We are worried about how this boat will handle the docking, but she finds a slot in the harbour – the very last slot at the breakwater wall. The wall presents a shelter from the gusts too, so the boat docks easily.

Sunday, 02.06

No Sunday Mass is available in the towns around us – so we can sail away early today. While we prepare for this, somebody calls us from the shore: “You are Agnieszka and Mikolaj?” The crew of the small Hallberg-Rassy are Annette and Martin, a couple whom we met on our last charter trip two years ago. They love classic boats too and now they admire our “Anna Karin”. This time, we cannot keep talking for too long, as our respective voyages expect us. Unfortunately, they lead us in opposite directions.

So we want to the north. We were considering sailing into Grönsund yesterday, but this is where the flotilla goes, so we don’t. This leaves us with Rödvig. First, we have to sail around Mön against the Wind. Not very sportsman-like, we use our engine for this. One hour later we have enough room for close haul till we pass the Mön cliffs, then we can ease out and sail on broad reach to Rödvig, where we get without any events. Only after reaching the harbour the stress begins – we need to find a place there, and we cannot really get in between quays. We grab the last longside slot at the breakwater.

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