Rødvig – Skåre

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 04.08.2019 / in General

Monday. 03.06

The weather forecast shows light westwind, and only in the morning. We do not want to stay in Rödvig, we want to see something new, so we sail away quite early. Our target is the region Trelleborg in southern Scania. We cannot go to the city itself, as the harbour there is reserved for ferries. We have two options instead: a small harbour of Gislovs Läge to the east of the city, or an even smaller one of Skåre to the west. But first we must round the Traffic Separation Scheme Falsterborev. This lasts a couple of hours, meanwhile the wind dies.

In between we make our minds and head for Skaare. Three years ago, we had already some difficulties in finding Gislovs Läge, Skaare will be more difficult. I cannot find the particular windmill, that is displayed in the pilot book, among other mills. We cannot get closer to the shore due to shallows. Finally, we get our position from GPS and the position of the harbour from the chart and this way we know where to head. Finally, we see the line of buoys in front of Skaare and we strike sails. For this, I go to the mast and then I realize that the wave rolls the boat quite heavily. This 2m wave – where does it come from during this calm?

We keep to the middle of the waterway carefully as it is quite shallow. In the port basin, we have more place, but another surprise awaits there: the harbour is completely empty. It was renovated recently (a part of it is still under construction). The berths on the south side are ready, however, and the infrastructure of the harbour is good too. We go slowly into a box between steel pillars, where a bigger boat would not find space. But we stay safely here and we are happy about the solitude.

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