Hesnaes again

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 13.08.2019 / in General

Finally at the boat again! We prepare for our longest trip so far – I have obtained 3 weeks of vacation, so we see. Where the wind can carry us. The only drawback is, we know this is the last sail of this year and at the end of it, we must be on Fehmarn for the haul out.

On Saturday, we arrive at Rostock – it is Hanse Sail there! We have a magnificent view from our slot in the Yachtclub. We admire the beautiful tallships come in and out in the city. Moreover, there is quite a social life in our club, so we do not really have enough time for sleeping… Nevertheless, we leave the berth on Monday morning!

Some last tallships leave that morning too, and they give the farewell signal – three long, one short. We give this signal too, as we go out of our box. The friends from the club answer.

My secret plan is to sail as much to the north today as possible. This will open us most options for the following days – Copenhagen and further, or maybe we can finally reach Bornholm. The weather prognose displays a steady west wind for the nex week or so, this means that it can turn to the east for a couple of days in the second half of our trip. Thus, my target for today is Klintholm. Long time no see also.

After leaving Warnemünde we get a good southerly wind to run from. This allows us to manoeuvre around the TSS Kadettenrinne, but later on the wave gets fetch enough and becomes pesky. The boat rolls wildly, and the genua collapses every two seconds or so. When it fills again, a shock goes throug the rig, this is not comfy at all. We try to sail on broad reach and jibe rather than run downwind, but this requires a full attention of the helmsman. The autopilot is no help with such waves.

Early afternoon, we decide to shorten our today’s trip and go for Hesnaes. We will have more miles to sail tomorrow, but perhaps it will be more comfortable though.

This way, after a 47-miles long leg, we land in Hesnaes again.

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