Bad luck on the thirteenth

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 14.08.2019 / in General

Tuesday, 13. August 2019

Getting up early to have enough time for a long leg that we plan for today. We want to get as far east as possible, if we are to visit Bornholm this year.

The windstill in the harbour does not really reflect the conditions outside. The wind is forecast to grow to 6 along our route and even to 7 at the German coast. We reef and try to ease the conditions by sailing as far north as practicable, so our day target becomes the area of Ystad. We sail on a broad reach and jibe fore the stormy wind rather than running it, so to say. The challenge is the following seas with wave height reaching 3 meters, with which our autopilot cannot cope. Suddenly, it gives a loud “bang” and it fails completely. From now on, we steer manually only.

The wind reaches the forecast 6 Bft and then our wind instrument fails. Then, the clouds decide to pour a hefty rain upon us. We switch the nav lights on – the rear one fails. This bad luck starts getting annoying. Then we realize it is the 13th. But no friday – so the bad luck will not continue, will it?

We reach the area of our destination and we strike the sails. Then we see that the leech of our genoa got shredded in the wind gusts. We go into the closer harbour of Abbekaas, and there, we moor just at the harbour entrance. I feel in no mood for more demanding manoeuvres inside of this rather small harbour.
We still have enough stamina to get the damaged genoa down from our main stay and replace it with a new, smaller one. Tomorrow will be the day of further repairs.

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