Bornholm at last

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 15.08.2019 / in General

Mittwoch, den 14, August 2019

According to the decision of yesterday, we stay in the Abbekaas harbour. We can sleep longer and the I get up to make some repairs. I open the steering machine compartment – how would you call it on a bigger ship – and take a look at the autopilot. Well, the arm that connects its drive to the rudder shaft is broken. This arm had a rated breaking point – in order to save the autopilot drive and the rudder shaft, the breaking of either of these would be either expensive or catastrophic. Anyway, the arm cannot be repaired or replaced – but only after the sailing trip. So I close the “compartment” again, after tidying things up, so that they do not disturb our manual steering.


I try to repair the wind instrument in the cockpit – to no avail. I have no possibility to climb in the mast, so I cannot take a look at the wind sensor. This repair too will have to wait for winter, when we lay down our mast.

Then we take a walk around Abbekaas. This walkaround is quickly completed – there are no shopping possibilities, and just a few nice slots to shoot some photos.

Donnerstag, den 15. August 2019

Today, after a leg against the wind and against the waves, but also against a windstill, we arrived at Nörrekaas, yachtharbour of Rönne, capital of Bornholm.


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