Sightseeing Bornholm – the sunny island (15.-21.08.2019)

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 19.08.2019 / in General

Rönne, 15.-19.08

Bornholm tends to get a praise as the sunniest spot in the Baltic Sea. We can confirm this only partially. We haven’t seen the sun hereso far, but he’ve had two mornings without rain. This is so much better than our last year trip to Kopenhagen. So we are not dissatisfied totally.

We go for sightseeing of Roenne anyway.

The St. Nicholas church is the symbol of the city.

We visit the museums of Roenne.

When we get bored in the city, we go for a bicycle tour along the coast.

We arrive at Halse. It is a nice harbour north from Roenne. Perhaps we should get here when we visit the island next time.

We return from our bicycle tour in full rain.

Back on board, I do some experiments about improving our navigation electronics. The experiments are positive and I will have something to do in winter.

Hammerhavn, 20.-21.08

In order to see something else than Rönne, we could perform further bicycle tours. But we want to have some sailing impressions, we want to see further harbours. We have seen Hasle already, so we decide to do a short sail northwards to Hammerhaven.

This harbour was built below a medieval castle that one can see from far away at sea. This afternoon, after our short sailing leg, we make an excursion to that castle too.

The next day, we walk northwards and make a circle around Hammerodde, the most northern point of Bornholm.

During that walk, we reach the harbour of Sandvig. This nice harbour looks like worthy a visit on our next Bornholm sailing trip.

On the walk back we go through querries, where stone for constructions on Germany’s coasts were once quarried.

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