Before the storm

auf am 27.08.2019 / in General

A harbour day in Hesnaes – we rest after the night sail.
The next day, we sail away with the target Nysted. There we are to meet Heidi and Hans. Their „Octopus“ has arrived from the north, through Guldborgsund.
The weather forecast allows us to hope for an easy sail on a beam reach. Instead, we „run“ before a weak wind. The low speed of only 3 knots brings us towards Gedser Rev, there we turn in order to pass in front of Gedser Ferry Harbour. The wind increases, we now beat with 5,5kn in front of Gedser Marina and we already see the approach to Guldborgsund and on to Nystad. I look back and see a black storm cloud following us. If it unloads upon us, we will get zero sight. We do not want to sail an unknown and unlit waterway in such conditions – we decide to turn around and enter Gedser Marina. Any port in the storm. At least 4 other sailboats have the same idea, so the entrance gets crowded. Nevertheless, we moor longside without problems.
The storm passes in some dostance. Only later in the evening a heavy rain comes over Gedser.

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