Night sail to Hesnaes (25.08.2019)

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 27.08.2019 / in General

Hans and Heidi sail away towards Mön – they want to cruise in the north of that island. We would gladly accompany them in this – but a friend from our club, Rüdiger, sails currelntly to Hesnaes. The perspective of joining with him for the last part of our trip would ease our logistics. Agnieszka could return with him to Rostock, as we left our car there, whereas „Anna Karin“ needs to sail to Fehmarn for haul out.

Before we join Rüdiger, we want to go for an adventure and do a stress-less sailing in the night. The water towards Hesnaes is quite easy compared to what happens in front of Warnemünde, so I expect a nice leg, but this means we have today’s morning to kill. So we make a bike tour in the flat landscape of Scania.

We arrive at something that is called „Monument Karl XII“ in my chart. Obviously, this tireless but unlucky king loses the battle against the elements here too.

The night sail goes without much events. The only problem is our missing wind instrument – the helmsman must check the sails optically using a torch.

The wind dies in the morning, so we reach the harbour of Hesnaes unsing engine power. We are quite tired too. The next night sailing will use a proper watch schedule!

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