To Burgstaaken and to Winterlager (29.08.2019)

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 03.09.2019 / in General

Today we sail the last leg of the trip. We say good-bye to Heidi and Hans, Agnieszka sails with them to Rostock too – she must grab our car from there and drive it to Fehmarn meanwhile Mieszko and myself sail there.

We sail through shallows in front of Nysted, through Rödbank, through the Wind Farm. Then we turn to southwest – directly into the wind. We must sail under the engine power, but this is an enormous drain on our fuel. But then the wind changes slightly and we can sail for the second half of the day – till Fehmarnsund. The strong wind in the Sund produces also an unfavourable current so the last 2 hours are again a motorized struggle. In the evening, we reach Burgstaaken nearly simutaneously with Agnieszka. We are tired.

On Friday, 30.08.2019, we prepare the boat for haul-out, taking off sails and whatnot.

On Saturday, 31.08.2019 in in the early morning, we do haul out, then we spend the rest of the morning with cleaning the hull and with grabbing our stuff from the boat. Our sailing adventure is done for this year.

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