Season finish, September 2020

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 23.12.2020 / in General

The vacation that I had to plan in January, without knowing Agnieszka’s artistic plans, is unmovable this year. So it happens that Agnieszka has rehearsals fall into the second half of this vacation. She will have to abandon the boat earlier, which means that our sailing trip must be short.

Indeed, after taking the weather into account, we are just able to sail to Haesnes and back. Which was a nice and stress-free sail trip.

Thereafter, Agnieszka returned to Bavaria, whereas Mieszko and myself stayed with the boat. From the 10th of September on, we helped out at the regatta that our club responsible for. It was one of the eliminations for the German 420 cadre. This club work occupied us till Sunday midday, after that we took our “Anna Karin” for a sail north.

We arrived in Gedser Marina shortly after sunset. We spent Monday, 14th of September in the harbour, sleeping and gathering courage before the Guldborg passage to Nyköbing. Guldborg is a narrow and curvy passage bewteen the Danish islands Falster and Lolland, chartering companies forbid their clients sailing there. On Tuesday morning, we obtain the information about the water level in the passage and decided to give it a try. One eye fixed on the depth sounder, we arrived at the bascule Frederik IX Bridge in front of Nyköbing. We had to wait just a few minutes before the bridge opened for us and soon we moored in the Nyköbing Marina.

We spent the Wednesday in Nyköbing, which is very much worth yet another visit. On Thurdsay, 17th of September, we started our return leg by running down the wind along Guldborgsund. It appeared less dangerous to us on that day. We left Gedser at our portside and arrived to Hohe Düne. On Friday morning, we filled our diesel tank there, so that the tank remains full for the winter, and then we sailed up the Warnow river back to our club, which ended our sailing season.

The only remaining activity was to put the mast down and to slip the boat out of water, which was performed as a common action of the club at my next visit. This was quite stressful for me as this was my first time doing this. Hopefully I will be better organized next time.

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