Technical work between lockdowns

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 02.08.2021 / in General

The boat goes out of water end of October. This was quite a stress for me, the first time in the club, the first time onto the new frame. And the boat will stay outside the whole winter – will the canvas hold?

Our boat out of the water

We realize after the haul-out that the cutlass bearing rotates with the propeller shaft, which should not be the case. We have to replace the bearing (and also the rudder bearing, which was leaky). We cannot advance far with our work when the November lockdown ejects us from Mecklenburg.

Self-built pull-off device. Cooking in the club house in winter.

We can return to working at the boat (and on the boat – my “Boat Office”) late December. We build a pull-off device and we remove the propeller after a couple of days work. Then we can replace the bearing.

Propeller and other parts ready for further activities. Pulling the prop shaft.

Yes, the canvas held – but not so their support construction. I will have to construct something else for the next time. Also it is important to care for good ventilation, otherwise the locker rooms get moldy.

We change both bearings (funny, the old rudder bearing was only 3 ye

Reinforcing the canvas support again and again. Agnieszka on the boat.

ars old and installed by a professional, but it consisted of a single cord – no wonder it leaked). We cannot achieve more as the next lockdown is instituted. The fact that we cannot varnish our superstructure and other wood (again!) makes us furious. However, Mieszko (with a little help of mine after work) managed to take off the old antifouling and put on the new one.

Sanding the old antifouling. The result of the painting with new AF.

The varnishing is the caught up in June, after splashing the boat, when I carefully plan the job on cloudy days. An even bigger work gets finished in July – which counts for us as a “winter storage period”, as we haven’t yet come to sail – the installation of a Planar diesel heating. These were 5 days of sanding, epoxying, fitting, and screwing… We’ll try the result out in the next phase of our life.

Sundowner on the boat in the winter storage.

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