Relocation to Sweden

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 11.08.2021 / in General

The second lockdown and associated hurdles in access to the boat made us clear, that the chosen lifestyle – living in Bavaria, owning a sailboat on the coast of Mecklemburgia – is unsustainable. We were hindered in performing all necessary maintenance tasks, we were nearly forced to miss the splashing session of the club. We decided to change the paradigm and relocate closer to the boat. This decision was supported by the fact that my profession can be performed from everywhere, Agnieszka’s profession is not allowed to be executed anywhere.

Sweden looks attractive to us because it is a big country without internal borders, with a long and interesting coast, a maritime culture and a relaxed approach to the current “crisis”. We hope we could enjoy it even in the case that travel restrictions are imposed again as in 2020.

Thus, we relocate with our boat to Sweden. We dedicate our year’s holiday for the sailing trip, which is my relocation at the same time. We think this form of immigration fitting for us.

This post was made at: 55°33.4N | 14°21.3E

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