Difficult beginnings

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Saturday, 7.08.2021, Sunday, 8.08.2021, and Monday, 9.08.2021

The last week of jobbing for my employer in Germany was dominated by farewells and rescinding the equipment. I have managed to prepare the boat for the long trip and pack my stuff, including autumn and winter clothing. This is quite an exceptional luggage for an august sailing trip.

Having arrived in Rostock quite late in the evening, we make a farewell party with a couple of friends from the sailing club. The plan was to make a short trip down Warnow to Hohe Düne on Sunday, in order to clean our hull in the clean water there. Meanwhile, Hanse Sail festivities take place in Rostock, so the price for the Hohe Düne marina doubled. On Sunday, when the engine signals overheating when we try it out (I had forgot to open the seawater valve), we decide to stay in the club one more night.

I clean the hull in the club yet on Sunday. In the evening we party farewell with other friends yet, and monday morning we sail away towards the north. Christina and Gerhard sail down the Warnow on their yacht, we exchange the photos, and after passing the estuary our ways part.

Na Warnawie

On the Warnow river

We sail to Klintholm on the Danish island of Mön. This first leg is long and difficult for us. The wave rolls the boat, the genua doesn’t work properly and keeps falling in. And we have not yet grown our sea legs and keep getting bruises walking on the deck.

Anna Karin sailing north. Genua doesn’t work well.

In the evening, we make acquaintance with Tina and Dierk – parents of Janna, who sails a Vindö 45 called “Thula” with her husband Ilia. We follow “Thula”’s adventures on youtube. Dierk and Tina, as experienced sailors, give us many valuable hints.

In this harbour, we meet Dierk and Tina – parents of Janna, whose adventures with Ilja on their Vindö 45 „Thula“ we follow and admire on YouTube. As experienced sailors, they give us valuable advice.

Sailing to Klintholm 9. August and to Abbekås 10. August

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