Reaching (in) Sweden

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 15.12.2021 / in General

Tuesday, 10.08.2021 and Wednesday, 11.08.2021

In Abbekås harbour. Sailing from Abbekås to Simrishamn

Quite some traffic underway

On Tuesday, we arrived in Abbekås. This is Sweden, but we had been here already, so no sensation. We followed Dierk’s hint and we set the spinnaker boom for genua properly. The rolling of the boat was not so disturbing after this.

We managed to do some technical work underway.

On Wednesday afternoon we arrived in Simrishamn. This is the first spot in Sweden where we haven’t yet been and which brings us closer to our target. It was a very pleasant sailing on the reach. Now we spend the afternoon sight-seeing the nice town.

Sailing to Abbekås 10. August and to Simrishamn 11. August

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