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von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 19.12.2021 / in General

Monday, 16 August

Today, after a few days of staying in port, we want to make good progress north. Usually, one should not put the info on the „port of destination“ in the yacht logbook before reaching it, because it brings bad luck. But mentally we mark Oskarshamn at the northern end of the Kalmar Strait as the port of destination for today. That would push us more than 40 miles north and then we would have less than 100 left.

Exiting the harbour and setting sails

First, however, we have to pass Kalmar and sail under the bridge leading across the strait. When we sail near the buoys, quite densely placed here, we can see how strong the current is here. It’s good that it favors us.

Passing Kalmar

To the north of the bridge, we need to focus even more on navigation, the fairway is still rather narrow and curvy. We sail from one lighthouse to another, and so the day passes by until it is time to leave the main trail and turn towards Oskarshamn.

Bridge over Kalmar Strait

The entrance to the harbour is even more complicated, you have to distinguish between buoys, beacons, and small lighthouses on the coast, and know between which of them to find the fairly covered entrance to the harbour.

Having found this entrance, we sail to the very end of the port basin, where the yacht marina is located. It is almost completely empty, which means that the wind is blowing across it and the mooring maneuver is not as easy as it might seem. We pass the aft buoy, and when we finally catch it, we stand across. We have to repeat the maneuver, this time it works fine. This arouses positive comments from the neighbors, the German boat „Lotte“.

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