In the skerries

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 21.12.2021 / in General

Wednesday, 18. August

We planned to stay one more day in Oskarshamn, a rainy and windy weather does not encourage us to leave. Neither for walks around the city, and „Lotte“ sailed out. According to Roland, in skerries you can anchor nicely even in such weather and he knows quite nice and well sheltered places. We have neither good maps of the local waters nor an anchor. However, we decided to jump to the next port north, to Figenholm, attracted by its positive description in the pilot. We were counting on the fact that while sailing among skerries we would be sheltered from the wind, which, according to the forecast, was supposed to blow with a force of 5 Beauforts, and even 6 in gusts.

The chart must be at hand when sailing in skerries

After leaving the port and the islands protecting it, we found that the wind was stronger than forecast. Since then, the forecasts were lieing to us constantly. However, when we entered the skerries, well reefed, it was quite pleasant to sail on the smooth water. We sailed along the designated track, carefully counting and „ticking“ the buoys. Such a route with paper maps cannot be done alone. In addition, the trail is winding so you have to constantly maneuver the sails, so it is important to be adequately reefed.

Reefing due to the wind picking up

However, the wind speed is still increasing, we already have 30 knots, which makes us sail very fast. Already 2 PM we reach the harbour; unlike in Oskarshamn, many sailboats are moored there. The wind pushes us deeper into the port basin, I am afraid that in such conditions I will not be able to turn back there, if we don’t find a place to moor – so we park in a slot a bit too large for us at the very entrance to the harbour. Ropes must work a lot in the side wind – which fortunately goes out later in the evening. Before the evening we meet Jutta and Roland and their boat in this harbour – they decided not to anchor.

Sailing in skerries means close to land

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