More sailing in the skerries

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 23.12.2021 / in General

Thursday, 19. August

We did so well yesterday sailing in skerries that we decide to take the route among them for the next stage as well. There are trails along the coast that are well-marked, though winding, so a small boat doesn’t have to go out into the open sea. Gusty wind and quite a cold day today do not encourage this.

We leave the nice but rainy port of Figenholm in the morning and we follow the same waterway at first, then we turn left, to the north. The trail is really winding, we have to count the buoys carefully to know where we are. „Two more green ones, then a red one and we turn right.“ In many places, there are underwater obstacles right next to the trail. We have the engine on so that we can react quickly in case of emergency.

Having passed the Simpevarp headland, we go out into the open sea and stay there, wanting to move north a little faster. We are also considering where to stay here for the night. Many yachts call at the large port of Västervik, but that would mean sailing quite a few miles inland and back tomorrow. In our pilot book, we find information about a harbour on the island of Idö, open seasonally. So we enter the skerries again, find this island with difficulty, enter the port, which we share with only one other yacht. We can, therefore, moor a longside, as befits a classic boat.

The port is still open – electricity on the quay, toilets in a nearby restaurant – but the restaurant is closed. The season ends here in mid-August. On the other hand, we could still take a walk, circling the small island of Norra Bockholmen on foot, to which a bridge leads from the harbour.

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