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von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 25.12.2021 / in General

Friday, 20.08.2021

The return of summer today. We wear short sleeves and shorts and walk barefoot our decks. This has a disadvantage too: a weak wind. In the harbour of Idö, the wind of 3 Bft was doing everything to hinder us leave the berth, now in the open sea we need to use our engine for hours.

This shows the weakness of such sailing in which both the time frame and the goal are irrevocably defined. Were it not for the necessity to continue sailing north – especially in view of the announced change of wind direction to the north on Saturday – we would probably stay in port on such a day.

After such complaints, the wind picked up. Soon it was blowing so hard that we had to reef the genoa. At the same time, darker and blacker clouds started to chase us. Squalls fell out from under them. We also have to reef the mainsail, so we turn the engine on, in neutral for now, to throw off the genoa, but I add revs to warm the engine up faster. After dropping the genoa, we try to stand against the wind to reef the mainsail – but the boat does not want to stand against the wind. I hit the gas, but the boat still comes off. We already have maximum engine speed, but that doesn’t help. So we reef the mainsail not standing in the line of the wind, but sailing on a slightly working sail – reefing is really needed, the wind is getting more and more nasty. We sail on, on sails and on the engine, because the course is very sharp. We don’t feel like tacking, taking into account the clouds still thickening on the windward side. In fact, there is a seal nature reserve on the left and we cannot enter there. But the boat does not want to follow such a steep course. We make less than two knots, so at such a pace we will not reach any of the nearby harbours by tomorrow. Among the clouds, squalls and rainfall, we can barely see the Norra Fallbodån lighthouse, which marks a crossroads between the faiway to the nearest port Arkösund to the west and the fairways further north to Oxelösund and Nyköping.

The wind blows more and more from the bow, the speed drops even more despite the engine workong, and then Agnieszka asks: „maybe the gear is not engaged?“ Indeed, I didn’t shift into gear after trying to warm up the engine in neutral. Now we finally have the drive, we can sail on the border of the dead angle and we pull 5 knots despite the nasty wave. Behind the lighthouse, we even have to sail against the wind to get to nearby Arkösund. This course takes you straight to the marked waterway to the harbour. The clouds are slowly fading away, the most dangerous ones are flowing east, glistening from their dark bellies. We can already see the buoys in front of us, and on the right, the industrial buildings of Oxelösund lean out over the horizon.

In Arkösund

When we enter the harbour canal in Arkösund, we have beautiful weather again. We move carefully over the water as smooth as a table, the evening sky is clear above us, the lights are already on in the port.

Despite the end of the season, there are several restaurants in this port, but you can only pay for the port remotely. As it is nice, cheap but comfortable here, we stayed for one more day.

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