Towards the target

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 26.12.2021 / in General

Sunday, 22. August

Today we plan to reach Nyköping. Stress-free, sailing outside the skerries, i.e. on the high seas, and not along the coastal buoyed waterway. The wind is turning to the north, we may need to tack, so those 30 miles can multiply even without following the winding trail. That was the plan.

Easy sailing

Sailing on the high seas passed without complications, except that we had to turn quite far east to avoid groups of skerries such as Skaruddel and their accompanying underwater stones going out into the sea. We turn north-east at the Hävring lighthouse on the Skaruddel skerry. We run the engine against the wind, we are in a fairway and there is no place to tack. We enter the waterway system between Oxelösund (which we have today on the port side), Nyköping, and further north as far as Stockholm. We have to be careful, especially since there is a lot of traffic at sea for what they have experienced over the past two weeks.

A lot of traffic. Fairway to Nyköping.

Finally, we pass the Kolhalsen lighthouse, which marks the entrance to the Städsfjärden fjord. The water gets wider here, islets and stones are only at the very shores of the fjord. We turn off the engine and tack for two hours till the Salgrund lighthouse, where a buoyed fairway starts again. We continue on this fairway for a few more miles, passing the suburbs of Nyköping and the Olympic canoe track. Finally, we reach the port of destination, which will be my home for the next month.

Nyköping harbour. Nyköping castle.

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