Leap to Nävekvarn

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 27.12.2021 / in General

23.and 24. August

However, this is not the end of our cruise. For the winter, the boat will have to get out of the water, I managed to book a place in the winter storage in Nävekvarn. At the beginning of October, I will have to sail there, perhaps alone, and who knows what conditions I will have by then. So now, using some time reserve (Agnieszka is coming back to Germany on Saturday, and I’m starting my job next week), I want to scout the route.

We leave Nyköping through the fairway already known to us, through Städsfjärden. Then, instead of sailing towards the open sea, where we came from yesterday, we turn right, between the skerries. The fairway is only partially marked, so you have to be careful to enter the appropriate islands. We have Oxelösund on the right and, after passing the waterway leading to this port, we sail out into more open waters. We can turn off the engine and we sail quite close hauled but steady course.

Exiting Nyköping

Navigation is not completely stress free. Every now and then we have to watch out for skerries and shallows. In the Kungshamngrund area there are 6 lighthouses very close to each other, two of them are standing in the water and we need to sail between them. However, there is a shallow area exactly in the middle, so we need either the right or the left.

6 lighthouses very close to each other

Generally speaking, the autopilot steers during this leg, and we use the map and binoculars to set its course. This is how we get to Bråviken, a fjord that leads to Norrköping. However, we don’t have to sail that far, our destination Nävekvarn is only a few miles into the fjord. Here, however, the wind blows right in our nose, so we cover the last miles on the engine.

Mooring in the port of Nävekvarn is also non-trivial, the very layout of the port makes it possible to get lost. So I’m glad we made this reconnaissance cruise.

Nävekvarn harbour

In the afternoon, we even have the time to make a tour of the town and on to the cliffs above the fjord.

Bråviken seen from the cliff

The next day, we take our time to go to sea. Now we have the opposite wind, but also today we manage to sail most of the way close-hauled, tacking from time to time. We pass in reverse order the skerries, shallows and lanterns we already know. We do the tacks within one gull scream from the obstacles.

We start the engine entering the narrow passages behind Oxelösund. We can sail again a short while at the entrance to Städsfjärden. Then we pass the Salgrund lighthouse, it is on hour on the engine until we reach Nyköping Gästhamn. We moor and fix the boat properly – here I will be standing for the next month.

Nyköping harbour is nearly empty

In the evening, we go to a rock concert that takes place near the harbour. Our first visit to such an event in two years. At the same time, news comes from Germany that the festival in Wacken has been canceled again.

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