End of the season

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October 2021

Weekend in Oxelösund

Throughout September, I lived on a boat in the harbour. However, for the winter I have to take the boat out of the water. I had reserved a place in a hall in Nävekvarn, the plan is to take the boat out in early October. My friend Mikołaj, who has lived in Sweden for a long time, volunteered for the sail between Nyköping and Nävekvarn. A few weeks before the trip, we took the boat for a weekend trip to Oxelösund.

Strong wind in Nyköping harbour

A storm came for the weekend of October 2-3, when we planned our sail to Nävekvarn. The boat was heeling even in the harbour. We have postponed the whole trip by one week.

On Saturday, October 9, we had a weak west wind. We left the harbour of Nyköping and could travel under sails only the first part of the route, from the fjord to the skerries, was sailing. After that, basically a engine plus sails.

We arrived in Nävekvarn without any adventures and moored there. On Sunday, we took the sails off the masts and made other preparations to pull the boat out of the water.

Taking the boat off water

The boat got out of the water on Tuesday 12th October and she now stands in Swede Port Marina awaiting the spring.

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