Working in the winter 2021/22

von Mikolaj Trzeciecki am 17.06.2022 / in General

We managed to do some work at our boat in the winter storage.

Removing the previous year’s antifouling paint where it lost the coverage.

Putting the new antifouling paint in the places where we removed it.

I need to exchange the seals between the teak deck bars. The old silicon seals lost the contact on the flanks to the wood, in many places. I plan to exchange all of the seals, but I go piece by piece, beginning with the worst fragments. At the same time, I increase the depth of the rift in order to increase the flank surface for the better grip. Changing the whole deck is not an option, not only because of the cost of such an operation. The original teak is still 7-9 mm thick and is made of wild teak that has a better consistency than modern teak coming from plantations.

Here a comparison of seals: two of them were already exchanged. One of the old seals is quite bad, and the rightmost one can wait.

My toolset. I use the plane with various blades (made from screwdrivers) to dig the rifts.

Controlling the rift depth. 4,5-5 mm will be good.

The rifts are ready for putting new silicon into them.

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